Friday, June 26, 2009


We are home after a whirlwind trip to Texas and California. I have yet to unpack bags but our raisin bread for tomorrow is in the oven. Priorities, ya know!? We are only home for a few days as we are joining hundreds of other families in Boston for Vision Forum's Reformation 500. Will we see you there? We will be the family dressed in all blue costumes. Just in case you can't find us based on what we look like! ;)

Monday, June 1, 2009

14 years

Our rehearsal dinner photo:
proof that we have aged in the
last 14 years.

Today we celebrate 14 years of Marriage!
Of growing
Of loving
Of sharing
Of knowing
I love you.

Although this is a bit faster than our album, this one is for you my sweet, strong, wonderful God-fearing, God-loving, family-loving, family devoted man... I miss you today.

Peter left for a trip this morning and this is how I spent the rest of my day and the rest of tonight...
My five and five that belong to my friend.
It's a good thing we bought the 15 passenger.
It has been a fun day with all the kids.
God is so good to allow us to raise up this generation who
will passionately love and serve Him!