Monday, March 30, 2009


We had a nice trip to PA to visit my grandmother. We have been reading through the Bible in a year with the children. We had finished reading about the tabernacle a while back and planned on visiting PA to see the replica at the Mennonite Information Center. It was worth the trip. I remember visiting as a child with my grandparents. It was fun to take my children. I was so happy as they continued to raise their hands to answer the docents questions. Yea, it's getting through! :)

We arrived home late and everyone went straight to bed. Upon rising at 7 the next morning due to the call of nature, I encountered a little more nature than I was hoping for. It goes something like this:
Kristen: Peter. Peter. Peter, wake up. I see a hamster. Peter.
Peter: Oh, it's probably Abigails! (the biting one)
Kristen: Get it Peter, get it!
Peter: Oh, it's okay, it's just a golf ball.
Kristen: I saw it running down the hallway and it went behind the laundry basket. It wasn't a golf ball.
Peter: Oh! I see it. It went under the bed. I'll go get Ashley. (she would have to crawl under the platform bed)

Upon crawling under the bed, she watched her hamster (not Abi's) disappear under one of the sections of platform. There was no getting that little guy. We had to completely disassemble the bed using the power screwdriver! Needless to say we moved the hamster to a better cage as I don't want to deal with that while Peter is on a trip.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Dog

We specialize in fost-adopt, right? Well, that little dog that we were watching while my sister got used to being a Mom and recovered from delivering her sweet, totally healthy baby, has now become one of our crew. It's official. We are now covered in short white dog hair almost constantly. I am assuming it's because of Spring or her change in diet, but the hair is literally everywhere! Good-bye nice, soft, black, turtleneck sweaters...Hello protective barking, another mouth to feed, always happy to see us, "throw pillow" Minnie! :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kid Quote

Upon rising from his nap, Daniel came over to sit on my lap. Within 3 seconds he asked where his sisters were. When I told him they were playing Wii he started to get down while asking if he could play too. I grabbed him back up and snuggled him, hugged him and he kissed me. I told him I needed a bit more snuggling before he left because one day he would be a big man and wouldn't want to sit on my lap anymore. He replied, "But Mom, then I can hold you." Oh my heart!!!

My little Big John and Isaiah are both still asleep...

John just walked in and asked about the other kids as well. I gave him a hug and told him the same thing. He said, "But Mom, when I'm a man I'm gonna hug you." :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holi Cannoli

We purchased a cannoli making kit from Sam's Club this week. Peter surprised us by trading his flight away and coming home early. I hurried to throw together tomato-vegetable soup and grilled cheese for dinner. We followed dinner with a game of Set. (CA fam...can't wait to play this with you. It is new to us and we will try to remember to bring it in June.) We followed Set with hot decaf coffee and fill-your-own cannoli. The kids were so cute drinking their lattes and enjoyed making their own cannolis. It was a fun evening with the kids.
What did you do with your kids this evening?

PS Do you think I need to stop relying on my phone to take all of our family photos?

Emmie went home with her Mommy and Daddy

We rejoice because sweet Emmie has come home with her Daddy and Mommy. Gramommy has joined them to help out. Are you wondering why I am now writing Emmie instead of Eme? Well, for several weeks (including baby shower) I had written Emmie, thinking that was her name. Then I saw her Daddy's side of the family spelling it Eme because those are also her initials. Isn't that so cute? Well, I finally asked my sister and her hubby since I didn't want to spend the rest of my life calling my niece by a name that was not hers. Amber said to spell it Emmie and Troy confirmed this decision, so , from hence forth my niece shall be called Emmie for short, Elizabeth Marie if I am watching her and she is acting up. :) Praise God she will get the opportunity to act up!
Here is Emmie at 7 days old...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eme Girl

Eme has had a good day today. So good in fact that should she continue to thrive she may even go home tomorrow!!!
Thank you for your prayers over her, my sister and brother-in-law. I really appreciate you seeking Him for them. Please continue as it is not over yet.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Please continue to pray...

Amber and Troy checked out of the hospital this morning and headed home without Eme. Eme will be moved to a different hospital tomorrow. Please continue to pray that Eme will be able to go home soon. Pray also for Troy and Amber as they have to "live" in Eme's hospital room. Amber needs to heal from her c-section, pray for comfort as she cares for her daughter.
Thank you.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Prayer Warriors!

My sister will be going home without her daughter tomorrow. Troy and Amber will stay with Emmie as much as they can (as long as nurses will allow) in the non-reclining single chair in her nicu room. Due to stress and lack of sleep Amber is not healing from her c-section as she needs to. Please pray specifically that the Drs will have wisdom as to what steps need to be taken for my sweet niece, for my sister to heal well and feel well and for Troy as you feel led.
Thank you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pray for Eme!

Eme is what my sister and her husband are calling Elizabeth Marie for short.
Please pray for her and for them. Eme was taken to the nic-u early this morning.
Please pray specifically that:
Eme will be healthy and whole, the way our Lord designed her!
She is 1 month early so pray as you feel led there. Protection in the nic-u.
That Amber will be out of pain from her c-section and able to completely care for Eme.
That Troy will be the support that they both need at this time and know how to meet Eme's needs as well as Ambers. That each of them will tangibly feel our Great God's arms holding them while they rely on him!
Lastly, that they would all go home together on Tuesday.
Thank you...Kristen

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Congratulations Troy and Amber

Welcome Elizabeth Marie!
Born 3-6-09 at 7:49am
5 lbs, 11 oz, 18.5 inches

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Winter Storm 2009

As I write this we are "bracing" for the biggest snow fall in our parts since 1996. That was a good year. Peter and I were renting a one bedroom apartment that was attached to my grandparents house. It was originally built for my great-grandparents and I was privileged to see them live there for many years. Isn't that a great example of how to treat your parents? I am not sure that either of our parents will want to move in with us one day, but that is the plan as far as Peter and I are concerned.
The snow fell in buckets for two strait days that year. We sat on my grandparents porch eating snacks, playing dominoes and attempting to learn pinochle (it's 2009 and I still am not sure how to play that game!). By the end of it we had about 18 inches of snow.
My grandparents are still alive and I am blessed to once again live near them. I called them this morning, as I was thinking about the pending storm, to share with them my great memory of that snow storm, but they had already left for their timeshare vacation to Florida. I guess for them they left just in time! After I hung up I questioned the children about why I would call my grandparents even though I assumed they would not be there. I wanted my children to understand that I love my grandparents and was showing love to them by remembering a special time. I knew my grandparents would enjoy the memory. We discussed how we can show love to one another in our family and each talked about the little things we had already done for one another that morning to show love. A few had not had much interaction yet as we had had a busy morning of getting ready and heading out the door for church. Those who had not interacted were going to plan a way to show love to the other.
How are you going to show love to those who share your home today? Remember, it takes 5 positive things for every 1 negative thing for someone to feel as though you love them. This goes for your spouse as well as your children.