Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pray for Eme!

Eme is what my sister and her husband are calling Elizabeth Marie for short.
Please pray for her and for them. Eme was taken to the nic-u early this morning.
Please pray specifically that:
Eme will be healthy and whole, the way our Lord designed her!
She is 1 month early so pray as you feel led there. Protection in the nic-u.
That Amber will be out of pain from her c-section and able to completely care for Eme.
That Troy will be the support that they both need at this time and know how to meet Eme's needs as well as Ambers. That each of them will tangibly feel our Great God's arms holding them while they rely on him!
Lastly, that they would all go home together on Tuesday.
Thank you...Kristen

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Stephenie said...

Praying! And congrats on your new niece, Auntie K.