Sunday, March 15, 2009

Holi Cannoli

We purchased a cannoli making kit from Sam's Club this week. Peter surprised us by trading his flight away and coming home early. I hurried to throw together tomato-vegetable soup and grilled cheese for dinner. We followed dinner with a game of Set. (CA fam...can't wait to play this with you. It is new to us and we will try to remember to bring it in June.) We followed Set with hot decaf coffee and fill-your-own cannoli. The kids were so cute drinking their lattes and enjoyed making their own cannolis. It was a fun evening with the kids.
What did you do with your kids this evening?

PS Do you think I need to stop relying on my phone to take all of our family photos?

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Shelly said...

I have followed and treasured your blog for several months. I just learned of a great need for a family to adopt a 4 year old and twin 18months. The mom is in end stage cancer. We would be trilled to adopt them, but since my husband is still in full-time seminary we don't meet the min. requirements for that many members in our family according to the government. If you are interested or know someone who is send me a PM here Tell others to write there too!
Blessings to your all!!!