Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you use a grainmill?

I am shopping for grain mills. I think I have finally hit the point where I am going to buy one! Does anyone out there use a hand crank mill? I know it only grinds 1/2 cup per minute, but since we are on the way to "Little House on the Prairie-ing" it, maybe that's the way to go...? Otherwise, what is your favorite electric model? I have seen the different comparison charts but there is nothing like someones first hand experience to really rate an item.

Carri P-I have yet to purchase my hand meat grinder. One more deer roast or stew and I think it'll be the purchase following! Also on my list is to make your gallon yogurt. We have only done that in smaller increments and the way my 5 can go through yogurt, it's definitely time to increase. Thanks for the tip.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are off to the girls 2nd to last basketball practice. They participated in Upwards this year. It is a neat program that incorporates a devotional into every practice and game. I made granola today. I am now off to clean up the huge mess from my dear two year old who decided it was a good idea to dump his bowl on his tray and the floor. Oh boy! Ok, now he is standing up in his highchair and banging his spoon on the back while singing a little song. Oh, its stuck. He is saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, it stuck now." Think maybe I should stop writing and take care of this little issue? Ok. I will. Good-bye.

Oh, he is saying, "I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!! THE SPOON!"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Call Me Dan

Tonight at dinner Daniel announced that he now wants us to call him Dan!

Daniel: Call me Dan.

Peter: Do you know someone named Dan?

Daniel: Yes!

Peter: Who?

Daniel: I don't know. I want to be called Dan when I am 4! This (holds up hands) many.

Peter: That's five.

Daniel: Ok Daddy, yes, five, call me Dan when I am five.

Peter: Do you want me to practice calling you Dan now?

Daniel: Yea, sure!

Peter: Dan, would you like some more cornbread? Dan, would you like to eat chicken? Dan, how do you like your dinner?

WE ALL LAUGH, including Daniel!

Peter: No, your name's Daniel, not Dan. :)

Daniel: Ok Daddy, I am Daniel.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

It is February 14th and my husband is on the road. He had such kind things to say to me this evening when we finally were able to speak. He did not say them because it's Valentines Day. That is just one more thing that I love about him. He said them because He Loves Me! He chooses to love me. He works hard for us, leads us, nurtures our relationship, fosters spiritual growth in our children, is not afraid to speak the truth and I am blessed to call him Mine.

With him gone I am reminded of another Valentines Day only a couple years ago. He was new to the job and we were new to our house. Work needed him and I was perfectly capable of taking care of things at home, but was sad that he was leaving. He left while the power was out and ice covered everything and anything possible. It took him extra time to make the drive to work. It took me extra time to bring in wet wood, dry it out and keep the house warm. I moved all the cold food to a huge bin and dragged it outside so that it would keep. I put the ice in the top of the water machine to melt and provide us with water to get through the next few days. We are on a well and septic, so power going out doesn't work well (no running water and no ability to flush toilets). My parents, who live down the street from us, cooked a frozen lasagna on their grill and trucked up the hill to our house to share a candlelit dinner with the children and I. Mom brought her tiny china cups which she had purchase on a missions trip to the Chinese orphanages years ago. We sipped tea, ate lasagna, they gave the children gifts of love and we all enjoyed a very unique Valentines experience. I will never forget the lasagna on the grill. Thanks Dad. Thanks Mom. I will also never forget the sound of water running; the beautiful sound that our pipes had not frozen and power had returned to our home. The children and I had slept on the couches by the fire. I can't remember if I moved everyone when the power came on in the middle of the night. Isn't it funny how something can be so clear and yet not clear at the same time?

Happy Valentines Day! If your loved one is with you, let them know how much they mean to you, not just today, but everyday. Speak loving words about their character and the things you appreciate about them. Tell them you are glad they are yours and how blessed you are to have them!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Abortion Speech

Wow! Whether or not you agree with what she has to say, this little 12 year old girl put on a great speech.

Ashley turned 11!!!

Our sweet little girl is now a pre-teen?
She plays her soccer and dreams her big dreams.
We love our girl, in sports or in skirts.
No matter what you have stolen our hearts!

Ashley's birthday bash was so much fun.
Our camera and computer would like to share the photos with one another and in turn pass them along to you. Be on the look out for Ashley's 11th Birthday Bash Photos!!!

xoxo, Dad and Mom

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kid Quote

Abigail (left) and Ashley (my oldest)
I took Ashley shopping to pick out her birthday party plates, napkins and treats for guests. It was so nice to have a bit of time with my eldest. We shared a Kit-Kat and had 2 hours to talk and shop. We spoke of the possibilities that a farm would bring if we were to actually purchase one. We would like to be able to raise our own vegetables, have room to run/ride and raise our own beef as well. Here is how the funny part went:

Me: We would raise cows and slaughter them...

Ashley (gleam in her eye and huge smile on her face): So that we could slaughter them for the blood sacrifices!

My girl is too quick. She really made me laugh and also made me very proud of her as I realized she is paying attention as we read through Leviticus! Yea!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Peter!

A quick kiss that we caught on film!
Daddy feeds Isaiah their birthday cake.
My big man and littlest man with their cake.

We were not sure if Peter would be able to join us for his birthday, but he was! He came home in time for venison stew, homemade bread and birthday cake. He is now wrestling with the older boys before bed. Isn't is funny to call a 5yo and 4yo the "older" boys?

Happy Birthday my dear husband. I am blessed to be your wife. I am blessed to have grown by your side. I pray your next year is filled with God's richest blessings as you continue to honor him with your life. I love you.

Happy Birthday Isaiah!

Isaiah is 2 today! We love you sweet buddy!

To his adoring fans: He was singing God Bless America again!
He sings it everyday for long periods of time (actually he is singing it while I am typing this) and is getting quite good.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bible in a year

As part of our family's "new year resolution" we decided to read through the Bible in a year. We have completed Genesis and Exodus. Just yesterday we began Leviticus. We gather together after breakfast or before bedtime and I read aloud to the children. When Peter is home he facilitates our reading time. It has been enlightening for all involved. This week was the first time we missed a day. The day completely got away from us and I was disappointed that we allowed that to happen. The next day Daniel was walking with me to do a load of laundry. He stopped and said (remember he is only 4 and you need to read this in a 4yo voice), "Mom, we forgot to read the Bible yesterday." I said, "I know, I am disappointed that we missed it." Daniel questioned, "Are we gonna go to Heaven now???" Me: "Yes, Sweet Boy, we are gonna go to Heaven. God wants us to read His Word, but He won't keep us out of Heaven because of missing a day. We have to believe that Jesus came, died for our sins and rose again in order to go to Heaven." Daniel: "Oh, okay Mom. But why did Jesus have to die on the cross for our sins?" "Because He had to reconcile us to the Father and it could only be done through His death on the cross. Now we can go to Heaven." Then, today while reading the sacrifices in Leviticus we were able to discuss that without blood there is no remission for sin. Jesus blood was the final sacrifice; the final blood sacrifice needed to reconcile us to himself. How wonderful to get to discuss these things with my children! God is so cool. He orders our days so perfectly.