Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you use a grainmill?

I am shopping for grain mills. I think I have finally hit the point where I am going to buy one! Does anyone out there use a hand crank mill? I know it only grinds 1/2 cup per minute, but since we are on the way to "Little House on the Prairie-ing" it, maybe that's the way to go...? Otherwise, what is your favorite electric model? I have seen the different comparison charts but there is nothing like someones first hand experience to really rate an item.

Carri P-I have yet to purchase my hand meat grinder. One more deer roast or stew and I think it'll be the purchase following! Also on my list is to make your gallon yogurt. We have only done that in smaller increments and the way my 5 can go through yogurt, it's definitely time to increase. Thanks for the tip.

Hope everyone has a great weekend! We are off to the girls 2nd to last basketball practice. They participated in Upwards this year. It is a neat program that incorporates a devotional into every practice and game. I made granola today. I am now off to clean up the huge mess from my dear two year old who decided it was a good idea to dump his bowl on his tray and the floor. Oh boy! Ok, now he is standing up in his highchair and banging his spoon on the back while singing a little song. Oh, its stuck. He is saying, "Mommy, mommy, mommy, it stuck now." Think maybe I should stop writing and take care of this little issue? Ok. I will. Good-bye.

Oh, he is saying, "I GOT IT!! I GOT IT!! THE SPOON!"


petersonclan said...

Let me know how the gallon version goes. I'd definately go for the electric grain mill. Easier, faster, and much more at a time. You will only make bread if it is convenient, and sometimes even dread that. I have a Nutrimill. I like it because I can grind enough grain to make the 6 loaves of bread my Bosch mixer will hold.

Stephenie said...

Hey Kris, We have a Whisper Mill that I love. We've had it for about 4 years now with no problems. I also highly recommend an Electrolux mixer. You can mix/knead many loaves at one time. It's expensive, but well worth every penny. Both used to be available at, but I haven't been to their site for awhile now. I agree with Carrie...go with what takes as little time as possible so that you'll be more inclined to stay consistent with it. Might be nice to have a hand grinder for fun or in emergencies (I guess...but if my power is out, my oven won't work either, and I don't anticipate baking my bread in a clay oven that I don't have or on the grill), but I would only get that after an electric mill.