Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kid Quote

Abigail (left) and Ashley (my oldest)
I took Ashley shopping to pick out her birthday party plates, napkins and treats for guests. It was so nice to have a bit of time with my eldest. We shared a Kit-Kat and had 2 hours to talk and shop. We spoke of the possibilities that a farm would bring if we were to actually purchase one. We would like to be able to raise our own vegetables, have room to run/ride and raise our own beef as well. Here is how the funny part went:

Me: We would raise cows and slaughter them...

Ashley (gleam in her eye and huge smile on her face): So that we could slaughter them for the blood sacrifices!

My girl is too quick. She really made me laugh and also made me very proud of her as I realized she is paying attention as we read through Leviticus! Yea!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, hahaha!!! She really is paying attention! Had so much fun at your birthday Ashley!!! WE love you so
much and thank the Lord for you in our lives every day...xoxoxo