Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

It is February 14th and my husband is on the road. He had such kind things to say to me this evening when we finally were able to speak. He did not say them because it's Valentines Day. That is just one more thing that I love about him. He said them because He Loves Me! He chooses to love me. He works hard for us, leads us, nurtures our relationship, fosters spiritual growth in our children, is not afraid to speak the truth and I am blessed to call him Mine.

With him gone I am reminded of another Valentines Day only a couple years ago. He was new to the job and we were new to our house. Work needed him and I was perfectly capable of taking care of things at home, but was sad that he was leaving. He left while the power was out and ice covered everything and anything possible. It took him extra time to make the drive to work. It took me extra time to bring in wet wood, dry it out and keep the house warm. I moved all the cold food to a huge bin and dragged it outside so that it would keep. I put the ice in the top of the water machine to melt and provide us with water to get through the next few days. We are on a well and septic, so power going out doesn't work well (no running water and no ability to flush toilets). My parents, who live down the street from us, cooked a frozen lasagna on their grill and trucked up the hill to our house to share a candlelit dinner with the children and I. Mom brought her tiny china cups which she had purchase on a missions trip to the Chinese orphanages years ago. We sipped tea, ate lasagna, they gave the children gifts of love and we all enjoyed a very unique Valentines experience. I will never forget the lasagna on the grill. Thanks Dad. Thanks Mom. I will also never forget the sound of water running; the beautiful sound that our pipes had not frozen and power had returned to our home. The children and I had slept on the couches by the fire. I can't remember if I moved everyone when the power came on in the middle of the night. Isn't it funny how something can be so clear and yet not clear at the same time?

Happy Valentines Day! If your loved one is with you, let them know how much they mean to you, not just today, but everyday. Speak loving words about their character and the things you appreciate about them. Tell them you are glad they are yours and how blessed you are to have them!

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Anonymous said...

Remember it well!!! Oh so well! We love you all so
much and thank the Lord for the many blessings you
and your children have given us!!! xoxo