Tuesday, January 12, 2010

They are sleeping...

My big boys fell asleep way too late into the afternoon today. Daniel falling asleep at 3:30, is still asleep at almost 6. John fell asleep at 5. Oh boy! They have been sick with a bad cold and we have yet to venture out since my cousins wedding. Okay, we took one big trip to Sam's Club but we gotta eat! That's been it since December 31. I am so ready to get out of the house. We have errands planned for tomorrow. Dare I try to wake the boys since they have not been feeling well? No, I will let them sleep a little longer, wake up naturally and then stay up with Moma late into the night. Peter is at work and night's like what is coming always produce sweet memories. Have a good night. I know I will.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Boxing Boys

I smiled while I watched Peter explaining to the 6 and 5 year olds how to mold a mouth piece. They practiced three times before he started the real molding, hot water and all. They had it down, they knew what to do. Then, he dipped the piece in hot water and put it in their mouths. It became hot chewing gum! Not molded, rather bitten repeatedly. Daddy saying, "Now wait to bite... okay, bite, wait! no! ow!!" At this point I was rolling with laughter. He tried a couple more times and then told big J to spit his in the trash. They tried again. It was better. He re-dipped Daniels and it went a little more smoothly. I only wish I could have caught the whole thing on film. I cannot do it justice. My husband was so animated as he described how to do it and so calm while he said, "wait, bite, no, ouch, bite, wait, suck, suck the water out." "Good job boys!" My husband, my hero. Especially in circumstance like this. He is a good example. I love you Pete!

And now, The Boys!

Come on Daddy! Come box!

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a new year...

I have not blogged because there has been too much to blog about! Peter was on call for Christmas so we celebrated early, then he wasn't called in. God is so good to let him be home with us all that time. He was able to join us for both extended family fellowships. After Christmas we rolled right into my cousins wedding, in which Daniel was the ring bearer. We had the rehearsal, dinner and then the wedding followed by Happy New Year! It was such an exciting time. Peter had us stay at a hotel near the wedding so that we would save a couple hours of driving with the kids. It was the perfect opportunity for the children to roll out their new sleeping bags. No one wanted the 2nd bed in the hotel room. I volunteered to stretch out in it but couldn't stand the thought of not feeling Peters feet all night long. Ashley decided she could take the bed. So there she was, our growing 11 year old, stretched out on a double all by herself while Dad and Mom cuddled in the other double. The other four were scattered here and there with no one blocking the way to the bathroom!

So now we are home and the temperature is a mere 25 degrees. We have a fire going, the kids are braving it after a long morning of back-to-school time and I am listening to the sound of laughing children along with pots and pans rolling down the back steps. What could they be up to? Probably wanting to freeze some more water to make ice. Peter has volunteered to take them on an ice run after they have a few blocks to use to slide down their grandparents hill. Though this will not be today as my husband picked up something during our week and has been laid out for 3 days. We are praying protection over the rest of us while we take turns waiting on him. He is up and about more today, but our sweet Daniel over heard that Daddy was going to drink water today and then showed up with one of his hot wheels cups full of water for Daddy. Oh when I see the precious hearts of my children, what joy!

We began last year with a decision to read through straight through the Bible in a year. We have read everyday, but with little ones we didn't quite make it all the way through. We are continuing this year where the 31st left off. We are in Luke. God's timing is good. If you have not read through the Bible we encourage you to do so. He still speaks and His word is right and true. We pray you will have eyes to see and ears to hear what He wants to reveals to you this year.
Blessings to you in this New Year!
We stand amazed at how the Lord has showered His mercy and blessing on us.