Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Boxing Boys

I smiled while I watched Peter explaining to the 6 and 5 year olds how to mold a mouth piece. They practiced three times before he started the real molding, hot water and all. They had it down, they knew what to do. Then, he dipped the piece in hot water and put it in their mouths. It became hot chewing gum! Not molded, rather bitten repeatedly. Daddy saying, "Now wait to bite... okay, bite, wait! no! ow!!" At this point I was rolling with laughter. He tried a couple more times and then told big J to spit his in the trash. They tried again. It was better. He re-dipped Daniels and it went a little more smoothly. I only wish I could have caught the whole thing on film. I cannot do it justice. My husband was so animated as he described how to do it and so calm while he said, "wait, bite, no, ouch, bite, wait, suck, suck the water out." "Good job boys!" My husband, my hero. Especially in circumstance like this. He is a good example. I love you Pete!

And now, The Boys!

Come on Daddy! Come box!

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Anonymous said...

This is so funny! Can just picture the mold thing
happening! xoxo