Monday, February 16, 2009

Call Me Dan

Tonight at dinner Daniel announced that he now wants us to call him Dan!

Daniel: Call me Dan.

Peter: Do you know someone named Dan?

Daniel: Yes!

Peter: Who?

Daniel: I don't know. I want to be called Dan when I am 4! This (holds up hands) many.

Peter: That's five.

Daniel: Ok Daddy, yes, five, call me Dan when I am five.

Peter: Do you want me to practice calling you Dan now?

Daniel: Yea, sure!

Peter: Dan, would you like some more cornbread? Dan, would you like to eat chicken? Dan, how do you like your dinner?

WE ALL LAUGH, including Daniel!

Peter: No, your name's Daniel, not Dan. :)

Daniel: Ok Daddy, I am Daniel.

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