Monday, March 30, 2009


We had a nice trip to PA to visit my grandmother. We have been reading through the Bible in a year with the children. We had finished reading about the tabernacle a while back and planned on visiting PA to see the replica at the Mennonite Information Center. It was worth the trip. I remember visiting as a child with my grandparents. It was fun to take my children. I was so happy as they continued to raise their hands to answer the docents questions. Yea, it's getting through! :)

We arrived home late and everyone went straight to bed. Upon rising at 7 the next morning due to the call of nature, I encountered a little more nature than I was hoping for. It goes something like this:
Kristen: Peter. Peter. Peter, wake up. I see a hamster. Peter.
Peter: Oh, it's probably Abigails! (the biting one)
Kristen: Get it Peter, get it!
Peter: Oh, it's okay, it's just a golf ball.
Kristen: I saw it running down the hallway and it went behind the laundry basket. It wasn't a golf ball.
Peter: Oh! I see it. It went under the bed. I'll go get Ashley. (she would have to crawl under the platform bed)

Upon crawling under the bed, she watched her hamster (not Abi's) disappear under one of the sections of platform. There was no getting that little guy. We had to completely disassemble the bed using the power screwdriver! Needless to say we moved the hamster to a better cage as I don't want to deal with that while Peter is on a trip.


Anonymous said...

When I was 10, one of my hamsters got loose and burrowed into the wall. We'd see evidence of her now and then but we eventually sold the house and moved. I wonder if the new owners found her and how exactly that went down. ;-)

petersonclan said...

Hamsters are too close to mice in my book. Don't let it get loose in my house... we pay to kill mice.