Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hands and Heart

Anytime we go to Sam's Club we take the whole crew. When I say whole, I mean The Daddy, The Mommy and The Five Little Munchkins, (not the dog, the lizards, the hamsters, the ants and the fish) which puts us at a small intimate grouping of 7. And anytime we go to Sam's Club we time it around dinner so that we can eat cheap pizza, drink large sodas and each have a hot dog. Did I just say that outloud?! Wow, that really sounds like a lot of food, but hey, there are 7 of us. You know 7 is such a huge number and all. And anytime we go, as it is with anywhere we go, someone is bound to say, "Boy, you have your hands full." To which I always reply, "You should see my heart!" But not yesterday. Yesterday, at Sam's Club, when the lady said, "Boy you have your hands full Lady!," (after she had to wait behind us as we were having our receipt looked over) I just smiled. After all, yesterday my hands may have seemed full...of big sodas, leftover pizza, a few small children and two large shopping carts. But she really should have seen my heart...

And anytime time The Daddy and The Mommy look at the picture of the 7 they always say, "Wow, Five really isn't that many is it? Several someone's are still missing." I wonder, how much can a heart really hold?

And, by the way, I know sentences are not supposed to start with and, but I just couldn't help myself. And don't worry, I teach my children that sentences cannot begin with and or end with and.


Stephenie said...

Such a sweet, sweet post, Kristen. Lots of love to you 7!

Andrea said...

Kristen, thanks for stopping by my blog. i am glad you were blessed. This post blessed me!! i am pregnant with number five and often I feel overwhelmed when I think how I can stretch myself to meet more needs.....
your post reminded me that mamas who have hearts to stretch always have the room for more.
what a beautiful family you have!

Anonymous said...

How many does a quiver actually hold, Lord?!
Whatever it holds, I know in my heart there
will be one very blessed Gramommy...:) Your hearts
are huge kids and your arms are very wide....enough
for that quiver! xoxo