Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Got TEA?

We took the kids to a TEA (Taxed Enough Already) party at the Harbor. It was nice being near water as they got the full effect. The men were throwing "tea" into the water--what a visual for the children. It was pouring down rain and we were soaked by the end of it. The photo below doesn't really show how wet we were! The blanket on Isaiah is drenched, Ashley's pants were soaked to her knee, Abi seemed to be the best dressed, we tried to cover Daniel as much as we could as he was asleep when we transferred him to the stroller and John just marched along stomping in puddles. It was so worth it! I wish Peter were in this photo. He was soaked through as his jacket was not as water proof as we thought. He is so good to me to take a photo of the 6 of us. Sweet man.
I was surprised to see other children there today. I did not take their photos, but it was refreshing. We also passed another van with a great homeschooling bumper sticker. I sure love homeschool field trips!
This man had a thousand bumper stickers made to pass out. Needless to say we now have a new bumper sticker for our big van.
These men were shouting different things and several of them were dressed up in period clothing. Their small vessel behind them them was full of "tea."

Today was an education for my children. It was a history lesson as well as a current events lesson. They did so well as we explained why we were there and how we don't want them paying tomorrow for what our government is spending today. They continue to be amazed as we explain where our tax dollars are going. My children's response is wide-eyed and questioning. We just completed our KONOS Obedience Unit. The children understand the difference between a Democracy and a Monarchy. My husband explained that we are close to having a king rather than a democracy. They knew what he meant. How little did I realize that when we were studying that we would have application so soon!


Anonymous said...

Do you know anyone who needs a BRAND NEW never used KONOS curriculum? I bought the yellow book newcomer set at the homeschool conference last June. I've found it's not right for us and I'd REALLY like to sell it someone else and have the cash to use on other homeschool curriculum we do need now. The company won't take it back so I'm stuck with perfectly good yet unused merchandise.


PS: Thanks for showing me that the harbor now has a Starbucks. Is Storm Bros still there? sniff sniff

Anonymous said...

Great blog report! Thanks...and love the picture
of Daniel sleeping thru it all! haha....xo

Riley, Connor, and Beth said...

I have been thinking of you all lately, so wanted to check in "my" kids : ) It looks like the family is all doing great and I look forward to more updates!!! Oh...would you be interested in a troublesome sibling group of two boys to add to your brood? : )