Monday, April 6, 2009


Just because I did it, doesn't make it right. That is my thought as I continue to train my girls to be virtuous, modest, pure young women. Summer is approaching and we are entering that time when we will spend hours by the pool. As a teenager I wore bikinis. Just because I did it, doesn't make it right. I could still be wearing bikinis, but that is not what God has called me to. He has called us to be modest and to do whatever we can to help our fellow brother to not stumble (men to look, women to compare themselves-you know you do it!). Last year the girls and I wore skirted swimsuits and the girls had swim shirts as well. Although they are only 11 and 8, they need to be trained to be modest from the beginning, not just when their curvier parts start to really be noticed!

The following is a section of the February 24 post from Is This Modest. To read the entire article click here.

"I saw them, front and center, in my local retail store last week; those small colorful pieces of material that masquerade as clothing. The articles of clothing that somehow cause even Christians to justify undressing with the rest of the world simply because they have sand under their feet. Yes, you know what I’m talking about: swimsuits!

I must admit I felt a little dread inside when I saw them out of the corner of my eye. Now, most Americans that find swimsuits distressing find them that way because they don’t like how they look in them. Me, I found myself feeling unsettled when I saw them because this year I have a different decision to make than past years. You see my journey to modesty began just 4 months ago. In the past couple years I loved swimsuit shopping and the only decision making involved was what one complimented my figure and drew the most attention to the assets I wanted to draw attention to. Well, much has changed in the past few months. God showed me how impure my thinking was and how much the motives behind my clothing choices had been corrupted by the thinking of the world. I now embrace a new, modest standard of dress that brings me to a new decision to make: Is there even reason for me to own or wear a swimsuit this year? Certainly none of them I have seen meet the standard of coverage God has put on my heart. I wonder do I even need one?

You would think swim suits would be for actually swimming in..."


Anonymous said...

We're camping in Coronado this week and this topic has come up just yesterday for us as well!! I agree whole-heartedly and look forward to the day we can all play together!! xoxokristi

Anonymous said...

Praise God you are following His Word on modesty. What a blessing for your children.

blessedmomto7 said...

LOVE my skirtinis :)