Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sugar-less household (again)

We are getting the sugar out of the house (again). Every holiday season in creeps back in and we devour it as if our lives depended on it. I have a confession to make. My husband was on a trip two night ago and I fed my children leftover Japanese food, leftover birthday cake and nerds Valentine candy for dinner. Isn't that awful!? I have to confess this because it is out of character for me and I feel so guilty about it (okay, not that guilty because boy was it easy!).

So how does it sneak back in to our lives?

Well, first comes a September birthday (see how early my holiday season begins?) and we have cake and we decide that a pinata is a good idea. Not veggie filled mind you, but overflowing with the best fully hydrogenated, dyed, sugary, corn syrupy stuff we can find. Definitely not Feingold Diet material. (Note: If you have not checked out the Feingold Diet I highly recommend it. Feingold links many of today's learning disabilities and behaviors to food dyes. It is a part of how we usually like to eat!) Then we have an October birthday as well as "harvest time" and we do it all over again. Next, it's my birthday in November and I want chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, chocolate-chocolate-chocolate. My birthday is close to and sometimes even on Thanksgiving. Need I say more about that one? Next, it's Jesus birthday and we make him a cake! We have two birthdays in February. After that it's time to clean out the sugar until our May birthday comes around and we decide to only have cake without all the other goodies. I try to make birthday treat bags with everything except candy. I try to be successful. While these birthdays are rolling around I am still making bread, purchasing organic veggies and fruits, making my own granola and it's all good as long as I can have a few chocolate chips to keep me company!

Why did I post about this tonight? Our house has been full of goodies for Valentines Day. We have two different homeschool events in which we are to have the children trade Valentines. We are responsible to bring a snack (cookies) to one of the events. I spent part of the day making 80 hand knotted cookies (using organic flour & turbinado sugar) only to just receive the call that all is cancelled due to the freezing rain coming down.
Tonight and tomorrows events were to be the last sugar events until May. So now we have 80 cookies and all that candy that we were supposed to hand out tonight. Any idea what we are having for dinner?

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