Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wedding Bells!

We just got home from my sister's big day! She is now the Mrs. to her tall Mr. My kids made up most of the bridal party as the flower girls and ring bearers. We didn't take any pictures, so stay tuned for when I have some sent my way.

The wedding was on my parents pier with the guests all standing on the beach. I spent most of last evening rolling my girls hair in spongy pink rollers. This morning I pinned their hair up. They were beauties! The boys all had matching Hawaiian shirts. So sweet! I am sure our family photo will make it as the main photo at the top of my blog.

The story that we will look back and laugh at (but is not completely funny to me yet!) is...
Our John thought it was a good idea to roll down the grassy hill in the backyard. He did this a few minutes before he was supposed to take the ring bearer walk down the pier. Well, he rolled in dog poop!!! It was all down his pants legs, a little on his shirt and my dad (Papa) was having to wash it off the couch (John had come in and sat down to wait). We stripped him down, through his pants in the wash and then ran home to see if we had another pair that would work. We did! We had him changed and looking spiffy before my sister was even ready. We are sure that the delay in the wedding will be blamed on John for the rest of his life, but in reality, it was the bride (hair, make-up)!

After the beach we headed to a nice reception and enjoyed plenty of yummy food, cake, fellowship and dancing. I had to ask the DJ to play something a little less sensual as it was mainly my kids out on the floor and I didn't want to hear one more song about anyone's backside!

It was a fun day. Peter has taken the girls back to the beach for an evening swim. The boys, having missed their nap, are down early for the night. I am hoping to watch an episode of Little House before falling into bed.

Here is the song that played while the Bride walked down the pier to meet her Groom. Be blessed by it!

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