Monday, August 10, 2009

Kid Quote

As relayed to me by my father, who heard the whole thing go down, when my John threw a bucket off the pier into the murky river:

Daddy: John, you know you are not supposed to do that, now jump in and go get it.

John, age 5: No, I can't Daddy, I can't, I am scary, I am scary!! (this is actually what he says when he means scared)

Daddy: You threw it in, you go get it. There is nothing to be afraid of.

John: I scary Daddy! I scary of the jellyfish!

Enter Daniel, age 4: He's not scared of the jellyfish. He's scared of the sharks.


Toni said...

oh my that is too funny, sounds like something my kids would do:-)

We are a konos family to so wanted to stop in and say hi your blog is so pretty, what a treat to find:-)

YOur familyis wonderful, what wonderful blessings you have.

I will have to stop by again soon,

Anonymous said...

And to complete the story....Ashley,
the ll year old, jumps into the kayak
and proceeds to retrieve the bucket.
After all of the kids and their Daddy
swam out to where Ashley was, the
day ended up with everyone jumping off
the end of the pier fearlessly, John
included!!!! Not scarey anymore :)