Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's our anniversary!

Today marks 15 years of marriage... Wow! I am amazed at how quickly the time has gone. When we were at my cousins graduation last Friday, I remarked to the girl behind us that we had "done this" 15 years ago. Her response, "Wow and you're still together." My husband replied that marriage is a commitment. It is. I fear that people do not take anything seriously anymore.

In sickness and and in health!
For richer, for poorer!
As long as we both shall live!
Until death do us part!
Those were some of the commitments we made.

But for us, it is not just commitment. There is sweet joy in our marriage. We are not going through the motions. We are loving and living each day together. Want to know the secret? Want to know why people think we are so "lucky" and have it "so easy?!" I will let you in on it. Listen carefully. Here it is...We love the Lord. We have made Him more important than the other person. When you focus on what the Lords role for you in marriage really is, rather than trying to fix the faults you see in your spouse, things tend to flow. Imagine that!? God, the Author of our lives, the Perfecter and Finisher of our faith, knows more about how we should behave than we do! If you want to know how to live, start by reading the five T's of the New Testament (1&2 Thessalonians, 1&2 Timothy, Titus) and be blessed as you change your heart, mind, and behavior to reflect our Holy God.

My Peter,
Thank you for making those commitments to me and for living by them. Thank you for continuing to learn Gods Word and applying it to your life. I am blessed to call you my husband. Happy Anniversary! I love you, Kristen


60 toes said...

Happy Anniversary, we celebrate our 15th on Thursday. You are right, it has FLOWN by.

Stephenie said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding was so beautiful and fun. I remember Grandma Betty pressing out our family's clothes in the little rented house downtown as we ran around getting Peter's side of the family ready for your rehearsal dinner, graduation, and your wedding. You are still Peter's beautiful bride. Can't wait to see you guys this summer!

joven said...

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Dawn said...

Hi! I am loving your blog! I just came across it and I love everything...your family picture is adorable, I love the commitment you have to one another, and I too homeschool our 4 kids. Thank you so much for sharing...This blog made my day!
Happy Weekend to you....and give Abi Happy Belated Birthday Wishes!!