Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The last week of summer vacation.

The kids and I have been tackling a big item every day this week. It feels so good to get things cleaned up, organized, dusted and painted.

Monday--Finished sanding and painting the old blue chairs. They are now a nice flat black and will look great on the porch. We also sanded the rest of the deck and will seal it when the rain stops falling. Peter and the boys worked on what Peter calls the workout room (I call it the laundry room :). Things are looking good on the shelves and off the floor. Lovin' it.

Tuesday--The playroom overhaul. We were able to get rid of three bags of toys for giveaway and one of trash. We also pulled up the old car play rug and took it right to the curb. No more old rubber backing dissolving on my floor! They worked hard and were generous with their giving. I rewarded them with pizza for lunch. We all sat in the newly cleaned/organized playroom, snuggled around the boys little table, ate our pizza, and enjoyed "bubble water."

Wednesday--We tackled the pantry. The kids got into sorting like things to put back on shelves, read dates to make sure they should even go back in there, and enjoyed many still-good surprise snacks that had somehow made their way to the far reaches.

Tomorrow we unload the boys dressers and break down their captains beds. I sure hope my vacuum is in perfect working order for all the dust that is gonna fly. Pete has been gone for a couple days but will be home to help with this big chore. I have a feeling a little fishing and swimming will be on the agenda for tomorrow after Daddy is home again.

Friday we buy the boys their new beds. We are headed to Ikea. Ya know, the place where you really need one of everything?

So, that is how we have been spending our "last real week of summer vacation." Of course we homeschool pretty much year round as that is what works for us and Peter's ever-changing schedule.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the upstairs :) It must look so great
with the new beds and all that room!! love you all....