Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Things have been busy at our house. Every time I think of something heartfelt, societally deep or just plain wonderful to write about, I am instead overcome with packing a box. Last year we felt the Lord impress upon our hearts to sell our house and be freed from mortgage debt. We are still living in the same house with the same FSBO sign in the front yard. Recently, we hired a realtor who holds to the same biblical convictions our family holds. He has had us busy moving furniture, packing up the needless things, painting our door red and basically making our home look like there are not seven people who live here. He understands the work involved as he has 8 children of his own. That is to say his desires for us were not stated out of an overwhelmingly ridiculous, unattainable, childless self-living standard. So, we have worked. We have slowly moved things to our rental storage unit, forcing us to continually evaluate whether or not something is really worth paying a storage fee. We have accumulated 15 years worth of stuff. We have been pretty faithful to weed out as the years have sped by knowing that it is all gonna burn one day anyway. However, things are expensive to replace. It is a game. A dance. The memorabilia, the needed. We are taking the next few days off. Our tree is up, gifts have accumulated (all things that will work well after our house is sold), meals are planned and family is beginning to arrive this evening. We will celebrate. As Peter was called in to work this morning and will be gone for the next several days, we will celebrate Christmas with our children on Monday morning. I was going to try to write a bit more but I am needed. Daniel needs me to fix his horizontal stabilizers on his paper airplane.


Anonymous said...

Love the background paper! Enjoying our slide show
so much....Thank you again for all your help and
being such a sweet daughter! xoxo

blessedmomto8 said...

WOW! What a big step girl! We had our daddy home for the first time in 6 years this year! TWAS a blessing!