Saturday, January 8, 2011

One day it will be humorous...
Peter is home today so we are preparing the house for MLS photos which will be taken Monday at 1pm. We were supposed to touch up paint, clean out the closet, shampoo the carpets, however, our well pump died. Peter spent the entire day outside pulling the pump and running to purchase a new one. He also dropped off 8 bags for Goodwill and 8 boxes for storage. In the meantime, I cleaned out our closet. Both sides. Big job. Took 3 hours. I even found a Christmas gift we forgot to give the kids. I called the kids, who were home, in to the closet to show them and we all enjoyed a yard long Twizzler. While Peter was gone I sanded and painted our patched walls. It was the perfect color. Then I turned around to see that the color was actually completely wrong. I spot painted the entire Dining Room the wrong color! Peter came home and decided to put the well pump in so that we would have water tonight. They sold him the wrong one. We have a two wire system and they, after Peter explained what he needed, sold him a three wire system. The Sabbath has begun and Peter has declared us Amish for the next 24 hours. We have been without water since 10am. It is time to relax, enjoy our family and focus on the goodness of our Lord. We celebrate a Saturday sundown Sabbath to Sunday sundown. Tomorrow night we will install a new well pump and paint the Dining Room. Never mind the carpets! We will have to figure out how to fit in a normal house cleaning as well. I am sure I will be surprised at how the Lord multiplies our time. Off to eat hot Taco Soup, which I threw in the crockpot before the well died. The dishes will not get done. I have an almost 13 year old who will be grateful for that. Sabbath Shalom!

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