Monday, July 25, 2011

It's a Girl!

I know I have been negligent in updating you all. We found out last week that our precious baby is a girl. She weighed in at 8 ounces so she is right on target. It is hard to believe we are halfway through this pregnancy. God be praised for this incredible gift!
I would post another ultrasound picture but they are downstairs and you all will forgive me for not hauling myself down there since well, I am pregnant and all. ;)

The day we found out the baby's gender, Peter and I wanted to be creative in how we told the kids. On the way home we purchased each child a pink heart balloons, strawberry milk and pink frosted donut (okay, we got a dozen of those). The kids loved the surprise and everyone is excited to meet this sweet baby girl. I look forward to when Peter and the children will be able to feel her move. It has been amazing to feel her little feet kicking every once in a while.

Goodnight all!


blessedmomto8 said...

HOW WONDERFUL! What a blessing! What is the story behind this miracle baby? Will you share? What a gift!

Anonymous said...

Gramommy and Papa want to feel this little miracle
as well! Cracking me up watching the babystrology
jumping all over the place! Precious and marvelous!!
WE love you all and can't wait for your new addition.

Anonymous said...

It is always quite miraculous to feel the baby's first
movement....I got to feel my granddaughter's kicks
yesterday! Ofcourse, I clapped for joy! God is so
good to us....We rejoice in His handiwork....xoxo

Of A Knight And Fair Maidens 3 said...

Congratulations! What great news!We are rejoicing with you! Will you be at the conference this Oct.?


Of A Knight And Fair Maidens 3 said...

The Kaisers(Carol and Tom) and Fourniers(Brian and Holly) will be attending the conference. I was telling Carol yesterday that you were expecting, she was really excited for you and will be looking forwards to seeing you and your beautiful family.:)I heard the rooms are all booked at the conference area, do you have a room? If you prefer to stay on site,I know someone who might be canceling an extra room that they booked, let me know. My email :