Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter and Our Spring Break Dream List

We had a wonderful Easter Celebration. We spent the morning at church celebrating our Risen Lord and watching Abigail and John sing. Can you pick out my kids (see video below)? We spent the afternoon at my parents, sharing in a wonderful meal and a fun egg hunt for the children. Enjoy the pictures...

Yummy Easter candy!

Easter with Papa and Granmommy

Daniel hunts for eggs on the beach...

while John hits the jackpot on the grass...

and the girls, with baskets full, also head to the beach to search!

Most of our Easter crew went outdoors to watch the children. Our wonderful PA family and Granmommy were responsible for the egg stuffing.
So much fun-thank you!


We have been on Spring Break at home this week. Peter took off of work for the first 3 days of our sweet vacation. A few weeks ago I sat down with the kids and had them brainstorm about things they would like to do during our time off of school. They had some great ideas, which I built upon and then formulated, on paper, how we would approach getting their individual ideas done by doing one per child per day.
This is how we spent our 3 days, at home, limited expense, lots of fun and all 6 of us together!

1. Trip to Toys R Us to spend gift money from Gram. Everyone picked out what they wanted. The result was a nice long time at the store and sweet joy watching their faces as they tried to decide what to purchase!
The boys are happy with their purchases!

2. Rearrange girls room to accommodate organization of toys, dolls, etc.
3. Jump on trampoline (all of us together).
4. Play choo-choo's and build the spiral track (all of us together).

1. Ride bikes (all of us together).
2. Host a Tea Party. The girls baked scones and a doll cake, made egg salad, set the table and donned their bonnets for impromptu (it was only going to be the girls and Mom and Dad originally) afternoon tea with their Mom, Grandmother, Great-Grandmother, Aunt and Great Aunt. When offering teas they accidentally offered their Great-Grandmother a laxative tea. Fortunately I caught it before my grandmother found it an appealing choice!

3. Play Spiderman. We let John (our Spiderman dude) play the part and try to get us all in his web (silly string) in the front yard. We all picked up the string when his can was empty and covered him with it. It was such a fun time. The laughs were wonderful.
4. Play a choo-choo game. We were all excited to get back to our spiral track rather than play the game that Mommy and Daddy had invented for this event.
5. Watch a movie. Yea!

1. Paint/Arts and Craft We let the children get out the t-fabric paint. The girls designed their t's from their Great Uncle and Aunt in PA while the boys covered some boxers with trains, spider webs and beep-beeps (this is the word for cars in our house).
2. Gymnastics at the new homeschool class in town. All 4 were able to attend and it was fun to watch them run, jump, bounce, swing, etc. This may turn into a regular event.
3. Eat a fun snack. This was John's brainstorming idea. We let him (the 4yo) plan dinner and boy am I glad I did. He picked hamburgers, french fries (we substituted tater tots) and a special drink. I found the new AirForce sodas at Sam's Club and we all enjoyed one.
4. Last but not least we intended to camp on on the trampoline or in the family room. This actually turned into the kids watching another movie and camping out downstairs for a while. Daniel was not feeling well yesterday (runny nose, cough, etc) so he didn't camp out.

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