Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let me know you were here.

It seems that blogger has fixed the "comments" section of my blog. You should be able to leave comments now, yea! So leave me a note and let me know you were here. I am working on getting a guest book for the site as well but there are so many out there. If you have a suggestion of one that you really like, please comment.
I hope you are having a relaxingly wonderful Saturday morning. My hubby is back to work on what should have been our 3rd day visiting with his parents. We are sad that our visit didn't work out! One of the difficult things about being married to a military serviceman ("we" did 12 years in the Navy) turned commercial pilot is that in both cases we have never really felt like we could make plans. We just make our plans knowing that he might not make it. Sometimes he does, and sometimes he doesn't. My joke is that everything is written in JELLO. I know a lot of people say "written in sand," but for me it's definitely JELLO. My plans don't get washed away, they get set all different then we hoped they would. With JELLO you mix up all the ingredients and you just know it's going to turn out great. Then somebody bumps the bowl, or moves it to get the milk and the look of it, although tasting the same, is all different. JELLO doesn't set until the last minute. It either sets nice and smooth like we intended it or it has all the bumps to the bowl. At the last minute you know exactly what it is going to look like! I know many of you are current military spouses dealing with the same thing. Thank you for your service. We really appreciate your sacrifice for our freedom. Also, if you are making plans, I feel for you!


Sadlier Family said...

I found your blog through 50 Toes ... I love the name! Your children are beautiful - how great to see how God has blessed you guys!

The McAfee Fam said...

Hi saw you on the quiverfull blogroll and thought I would say hi!
We have 4 and 1 on the way plus we do fostercare too. We have an 8mo boy right now.
My mom had 7 kids and have since adopted 5 through fostercare. 3 have spina bifida and the other 2 were drug babies. In fact my daughter and my sister are 3 weeks apart!
Just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I love your blog! We, too, are quiverfull through adoption (and through birth). We have experienced 5 miscarriages and so we adopt "in between" biological kids, as the Lord leads! I agree wholeheartedly that more Christians need to accept the Lord's will on whether or not they conceive/give birth and choose adoption! Many blessings!

~ Lisa Metzger, helpmeet to Mark, keeper of the home,
2nd Generation Homeschool Mommy to 7 blessings:
Annalise (15 - adopted from Kazakhstan at age 10), Kaitlyn (8), Ethan (7), Trey Christian and Jake Merritt (5 & 3 - adopted from MO 6/07), Julia (2), and Ellie Grace (4 Months)!
Come for a visit:

justme27 said...

That was an inspiring post. :)