Sunday, June 8, 2008


I had the girls hair braided on Friday. I wanted something that would last with swimming nearly every day. I decided on corn rows. Abi had extensions added to hers. The girls look so cute. I am not able to put a picture on here as our camera is still lost in the mall. If you could only see them. Abi's hair is to her waste. Ok, a little, ok, a LOT ridiculous, but it is really fun for her. Ashley's is great as it is tight to her head and braided down her back. Her layers are starting to pop out so I am not sure this will last as long as I had hoped. I have been faithfully moussing and wrapping their hair every night to ensure long-lasting braids. For the pool I purchased swimmers caps to save those braids! Well, Abi lost a braid today. The entire extension unraveled and her hair did too. I checked the rest of the braids and they are all loose. So much for a hair free Summer! At least Ashley's will last through our trip West. Abi's, I am not even sure hers will last though the night! I paid $60 per head for these braids. Have you ever felt like you just flushed $60? Of course you have. Well, I have a feeling I did!

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Petersonclan said...

I'd go get it re-done. It should last a while, in my opinion. Especially for $60!