Saturday, June 28, 2008

Welcome Isaiah!

Were you waiting to hear the big news?

We are now a family of 7!

We are blessed by our sweet Isaiah.

He is 16 months and fits in perfectly with all of us.

He is a joy.


Carri said...

Congrats, Rowells... May the honeymoon be sweet!

All the Petersonclan

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What wonderful news :) I am thrilled for you all, he is a cutie pie. Have a blessed week.
-TF @ Made From Scratch (a fellow QF blogroll mama)

justme27 said...

Congratulations! We're just getting started on our certification for foster parenting (to adopt). It's great to see sucess stories!

Anonymous said...

Isaiah we love you already and can't wait to spend
this Summer with you having fun!!! God is
good! What another blessing! You are so precious!
Granmommy and Papa

Shelly said...

I just came across your blog... I think it was a divine appointment. I was looking at some quiver full things as my husband and I are also totally trusting God to grow our family as He desires, and I came across yours. The reason you are an answer to prayer is that my family does not look like a quiver full family as we have no children. God has not yet opened my womb (I have a mess inside of me blocked tube and debris) and my husband is in seminary so we don't make enough actual (student loans don't count) money. Anyway, we are WAITING and itching to begin the foster to adopt process. Actually, we were about to start a homestudy when we were told that we may not be allowed to take a child home with our finances. Anyway, through all of the wait God has been close, but seeing your BEAUTIFUL family has been a gift and an encouragement to me, and I just wanted you to know that!
By the way, I would love to know more info on adoption tips etc. I will begin searching your site as you are prob. a bit busy with the new addition!