Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HPV Vaccination follow-up

I love your comments! Thank you for your encouragement and the links to information I had not previously read (I am assuming that "Kim" was my wonderful cousin who is always on the ball with this kind of info!). I am posting the comments below for your information. I hope that more concerned women will speak up and that we are able to keep this conversation going. I am sure that many of you have seen the proposal to make this vaccine mandatory for public school. This could have serious implications. I am grateful to have the opportunity to homeschool my children and only have to deal with telling our Doctor, "No thanks." Scripture speaks to God's plan for our bodies in 1 Corinthians 6:9-7:40. It is a long read, but do it! Read what God had Paul write to the church in Corinth about immorality and the freedom in the gift of marriage.

Marianne said:
Besides the obvious of putting a dangerous chemical into our young daughter's bodies. We are saying ( in my humble opinion) that our daughters WILL be promiscuous. Where is our trust in God and in the power of the Holy Spirit that He will lead them down the right path.
In our house our daughters are being taught what Jesus says about promiscuity. Prayfully and with the knowledge that both parents walked down the isle wearing white-- Married at 36 yrs and 38 yrs old.

Justme27 said:
That is terrible! I still can't believe that people vaccinate 10 year olds against STDs.
Stand firm. :)

Kim said:
Vaccines are full of poisons, animal viruses, and when they don't use African green monkey kidneys, they are often manufactured using aborted fetuses. Hpv vaccine only effective against small percentage of cancer-causing viruses.
See Barbara Loe Fischer's Vaccine Information Clearinghouse for more info; especially, the very serious side effects produced by this new vaccine in some of the young girls who were given the shots.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Kristen's cousin and I have a 15 year old daughter that my dr has been "encouraging" me to get vaccinated. I ABSOLUTELY will not!!!! Aside from the potential dangers, it does assume that all girls will be sexually active - whatever happened with teaching girls modesty and SELF CONTROL!!!????? I am so opposed to this vaccine and I personally know of someone who's daughter became very ill after the vaccine. Personally, I fear that in the future our young women will have problems as a direct result of this vaccine. Paula

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