Tuesday, July 8, 2008

HPV vaccine

Article on HPV vaccine

How do you feel about the new HPV vaccine?

Our Dr. talked to me about giving this vaccine to our 10 year old daughter. When she realized that she was 10 she shrugged it off and said we could talk about it next year. I had the other children with me and decided to not address this issue in front of them. My discussion will bring up our foundational belief in Jesus Christ and His Word and how that relates to our views on promiscuity and being chaste.

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Marianne said...

Besides the obvious of putting a dangerous chemical into our young daughter's bodies. We are saying ( in my humble opinion) that our daughters WILL be promiscuous. Where is our trust in God and in the power of the Holy Spirit that He will lead them down the right path.
In our house our daughters are being taught what Jesus says about promiscuity. Prayfully and with the knowledge that both parents walked down the isle wearing white-- Married at 36 yrs and 38 yrs old.

justme27 said...

That is terrible! I still can't believe that people vaccinate 10 year olds against STDs.

Stand firm. :)

Anonymous said...

Vaccines are full of poisons, animal viruses, and when they don't use African green monkey kidneys, they are often manufactured using aborted fetuses. Hpv vaccine only effective against small percentage of cancer-causing viruses.

See Barbara Loe Fischer's Vaccine Information Clearinghouse for more info; especially, the very serious side effects produced by this new vaccine in some of the young girls who were given the shots.