Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's go see some ponies!

"Kids, maybe when we wake up in the morning we will see some wild horses."
God blessed us with 3 in our camp site on our first morning at Assateague.
John was so excited to be the first one to spot them!

Our five mile bike ride landed us in a parking lot with 6 wild horses roaming and grazing.
Early morning fishing, just Daddy and Daniel.
"Daddy, I was dreaming that we got up and went fishing
and now we are up and fishing so it was just like my dream."

32 inch Striped Bass caught on Daniel's light weight line!
The fish were not nibbling on the surf rod.
It was a good joint effort. Daniel's pole and Daddy reeled it in.
What a sweet blessing from the Lord.
He provided the poles (thanks to Uncle David and Aunt Barbara), bait when the kids dug up sand crabs with Daddy, and the huge fish for us to study and then enjoy for breakfast.
God is so good--all the time!

We met another homeschooling family this morning when Peter was walking up from the beach holding the fish. They stopped us to ask about it and we invited them down for Monday morning fish anatomy. The stomach of the fish had a small crab, in tact. We watched the heart beating and tried to name all the fins.

This is the standard "look how big my fish is" photo, simply for your enjoyment!

Mmm, mmm, good.
Broiled fish for breakfast (and donuts).
13 minutes before we had to be off our site, lest we pay for another night.


petersonclan said...

So when does that there camper head to KY? We can butcher a chicken in your honor...

Anonymous said...

That sure looks like the best time ever!!! Can't
believe you caught that on Daniel's...WOW...really
cool and I know it was so much fun! Those horses
are so domesticated...Just lying there next to your
trailer!! Amazing :)