Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So we are officially "campers"

The closest we had come to camping as a family was sleeping on the floor at the Holiday Inn. (They have free breakfast, ya know.) That is until our little trip to Texas. That hooked us. So we spent months searching out the perfect camper for our ever-growing brood. We searched eBay. We searched Craigslist. We even searched the RV show, willing to pay the exorbitant prices of the dealers and bringing home dozens of brochures to pour over. We realized that was not the best choice, so it was back to the midnight web surfing. It had to be under a certain weight because, although 15 passenger vans are huge and all (I actually have people ask me if my kids have to ride in car-seats in it but I disgress), they just can't pull a trailer big enough to house all the people that ride within their shell. We also desired a bunk house in the back as our children are still small, but they are growing and we didn't want to deal with putting down tables and sofas every night. And then, we found it. We made a deal with a guy on Craigslist and then drove it home. We took our first camping trip a few weeks ago and are packing up to leave again tomorrow.

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