Monday, November 3, 2008

Daniel turned 4!!!!

Our sweet no-longer-baby boy turned FOUR on October 29th. We have been so busy and his party was such a big full day that I did not have time to post about him. So, Happy Belated Birthday Buddy! We love you so much. You are an amazing blessing to us and we are thankful to be your parents. XOXO

Here are a few pictures from his big day! We start each birthday morning with the kids waking up to the house decorated for them. We always put something in the doorway of their bedroom. For Daniel we hung 4 balloons so that he had to walk through them to come out of his room in the morning. We then put Speed Racer table cloth, plates and napkins on the table so that was ready to go for his special breakfast that he picked out: "vanilla donuts, chocolate donuts, sausage, eggs because they are healthy and lollipops!" Then we had family and friends to the house in the late afternoon/early evening for "pin the license plate on the hot-rod," more yummy food and of course cake and ice cream. It was such a fun day and he was so pleased.

He was so excited he pulled the cake off the counter.
Yea! It was still enclosed and only slid to the back of the box.

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Anonymous said...

We sure had fun at your beep beep party Daniel!
You are our precious big beep beep boy and we
love you so very much!!! We are so blessed to
be your grandparents...xoxoxo