Friday, November 14, 2008

Van Wanted

Well, the adjuster came and after much calculating decided that our van is to be totaled. I am sad. Although we were to purchase a new van this Summer, our now totaled van was supposed to become hubby's car, not be hauled off as if it had never been an important vehicle in our lives. It is the car in which we grew our family and I am sad to see it go...
We are thankful to friends from church who have loaned us a van until we can find our new one. It is a 7 passenger, so it's just us!

So, Van Wanted! If you are selling a fabulous 15 passenger, low miles, practically new Chevy Express or GMC Savana, please leave me a little comment with some contact info.


Carri Peterson said...

We're not selling one, but the town Chevy dealer is! You could look at it when you visit! Hint. Hint. ;)

60 toes said...

Is that the same van you had back in P'cola?