Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread Train

Peter has been gone so much lately we decided to have an extra fun family night of make-your-own pizza. We had a meeting yesterday that turned into a trip to Costco, which turned into a trip to Outdoor World, which turned into a longer drive home, which turned into a later night! So, being the smart parents that we are, we decided to have pizza at Costco (definitely not the same, but the kids still liked it). While there the smart Mommy decided to purchase a Gingerbread Train kit. Now, I need you to know that I am a make-everything-from-scratch kind of person, ie no boxed cakes, no boxed brownies, no boxed gingerbread, etc. But, it was $7.00 and included everything! I just couldn't pass it up. My wonderful husband looked at me a bit cross-eyed because he likes me to make everything from scratch as well. I reassured him that it was a good plan, so we went with it. It came with all the candy, 2 gingerbread men, pre-made frosting (yes I usually make this too), the train cookie parts and a stand to build it on. I thought about who would do what while we were driving home. Which of my older four children should get the gingerbread men? Well, another example of God's goodness and how He cares for even the small things in life...we opened our box to discover they had mistakenly put 4 gingerbread men in our box. Yea God! Thank you for caring about the small things. We love you Jesus!

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Anonymous said...

How fun!! That looks so cute! I haven't seen it
because I guess it's been that long since I was up there with all the Christmas get togethers here...
Way to go kids....good job!