Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, complete with a new nephew being born just a week prior. Welcome Payton! He is wonderful and his parents are so pleased that he has arrived. Peter's Dad, Mom, Sister, Brother-in-law, their 3 kiddos, Gramma and Auntie all flew in from Cali to meet Payton and celebrate all for which we are so very thankful!

We celebrated an early Christmas while they were all visiting and hired a photographer to take family photos. I am sure there will be an update to my blog header before you know it!

We have been out of school mode since everyone arrived. Tomorrow we dive head first into a 25 day Christmas Unit before we take another break (maybe!). We will also attempt to put the house back in order after our fun party week.

Happy December First!!! Remember when the years went slowly?

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