Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow and Ice

We are in that bit of space on the map where the snow was followed by ice the last two days. The kids had a fun time while the snow fell yesterday. They made huge snowballs and sat around the patio table enjoying their snack. Today, they enjoyed breaking up and licking huge sheets of ice. In the past I have been known to be the type who yells, "No, stop, eeewwwwww!" But no more. We will drink organic milk, eat organic eggs and lick possible mosquito killer contaminated ice! But we will survive. :)

PS Ignore the fact that everything has basically melted in the background. It was beautifully covered a few hours before this photo. The rain followed the ice and is melting everything away for me. I don't have to scrape my car or shovel the driveway!

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