Friday, January 2, 2009

We are sick.

We are sick. Remember this time last year? We were completely down and out with everyone having to go on a Z-pack and totally missing the extended family Holy-Day celebrations! It isn't that bad this time and we are not spending the time on the couch watching Little House on the Prairie. Okay, we did do that yesterday. But really, we are playing Wii and will spend a little time today watching Planet Earth by BBC. Have you seen it? It's fantastic. Peter and I just talk out loud to the screen when we don't agree with something, ie "5 billion years ago..." Have I mentioned that the only reason we have a television is for playing Wii and watching videos (which we are pretty strict about)? We do not have cable. I recently saw a t-shirt that I would really like to purchase and wear any time I am out and about. It said, "I love my sheltered children!" Sheltering is an excellent thing.

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