Monday, July 6, 2009

Semper Reformanda!

From fabulous lectures and tours to meeting like-minded families, Reformation 500 exceeded our expectations! We were blessed to make new friends and look forward to having time with them over the years as we make every effort to attend every conference that Vision Forum offers.

The conference focused on celebrating the reformers such as John Calvin, John Knox and Martin Luther and what they did for us as Christians as well as focusing on what we could learn from them and how to apply that knowledge to our lives in order to shape the future.

The speakers we were privileged to hear included Doug Phillips, Scott Brown, Kevin Swanson, Dr. Joseph Morecraft, Geoffrey Botkin and Col. John Eidsmore. There were so many lectures we missed that we decided to purchase the entire lecture and tour recording.

Vision Forum does an excellent job is making their conferences come to life through the speakers. This time they included reformers from the past who "came to life" in order for us to learn their stories. There were 40 live reformers who told their stories as the children swarmed around them to get their autographs. Once the children had 30 autographs they could earn money towards a variety of items, one including a silver coin that was specifically made to celebrate this occasion. My boys chose swords and my girls chose money off at Behemoth.

We returned home with minds full of history and hearts desiring to apply what we learned in order to plan our vision for the future. Our desire is for our children to learn from the past as well so that they may apply it to the now and to help shape the future for the glory of God.

Peter surprised us with a limo ride to our hotel.
We didn't have to take our car seats as a limo is considered public transportation!
Ashley and Moma in the limo.
Funny kids in the limo.
We arrived at the hotel at 11am and they let us check in. What a blessing! Vision Forum brought in an exact replica on the Liberty Bell and displayed it in the foyer of the hotel. On July 4th we all gathered around as it was rung 13 times in honor of the original 13 colonies.
It was loud and so cool!
Fanny Crosby autographs the children's books while she sings a few of the
songs which she wrote many years ago.

We gather in Boston Public Gardens (adjacent to the famous Boston Commons) for the children's parade of 2009 on July 4th.
The boys use their new swords while they await the line up for the parade.
Our little colonists.
President Washington leads the parade.
The parade is over and we are tired.

Our prayer for you is that you would be
Semper Reformanda
within your family and your community.
Do not be comfortable with the simple Christianity in which you may be living.
Believe the Sola Scriptura and live it!


Anonymous said...

I love you. Thanks for taking the time to make our family journal here. It will bless us all for years to come. I am happy to call you my bride.

Donna/Oma said...

Oh, how wonderful and educational your trip was... thanks for all the pictures and the information about your trip. you all look great - and a limo to ride in!!!
love you all
Donna/Oma xoxoxo...

Anonymous said...

We missed you so very much during our
July 4th Celebration on T.P. but can see by the fabulous faces and outfits
it was well worth the trip and sacrifice you made! The swords are
so cool!!! xoxo