Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Daddy and Daniel project

Remember the bike Isaiah decided to try on a couple weeks ago?

Today it was revamped for our growing Daniel! Daniel bought it from John after trying it out yesterday. Today Daddy and Daniel sanded and painted it to make it brand new for our almost 5 year old. They found white, blue and glitter paint in the basement, so they went with it. The frame is white, the fenders and handle bars are blue (Daniel's favorite color) and the entire thing has a couple coats of gold glitter. They finished the look with some of Daniels favorite stickers from his collection. We consider it a good combination of Daniel and Go Navy! After all was completed the two of them reassembled the bike and hit the road for a long ride around The Island. Daniel tackled big hills and was so brave. Daddy and Daniel had a fun time.
What a sweet blessing to watch two of my favorite people have so much fun together...

Sanding and taping!

Thumbs up Dude!

Ready for our big bike ride!

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