Thursday, October 22, 2009

She Likes Scripture

It was right after breakfast when we noticed she was missing. Someone must have let her out to "do her business" and there she remained while we ate our oh-so-yummy scrambled eggs, sausage links and apple butter topped toast. Breakfast was over and it was time to let 'Minnie' have a couple bites of leftover eggs. "Minnie! Minnie! Come here Minnie!" She was nowhere to be found. After realizing we had not seen her since before breakfast we decided it was time to find her. We donned socks, shoes and bike helmets and proceeded to cover The Island in two different directions. Girls one way and Daddy with boys the other way, all yelling, "Minnie!" Mommy driving the Jeep and checking with neighbors. Over an hour passed and still no dog. She never goes that far so this was highly unusual. We checked at Papa and Gramommy as perhaps she wanted better food? No dog. We decided to give up and just wait as we were hopeful she would return. Daddy looked downstairs, Mommy looked upstairs checking each room No dog. No barking. Nothing. We decided to start Family Bible Time and in ran the dog, straight to her water for a big drink and straight to the door to go out for her "business," then back in to curl up and listen to Isaiah (the prophet, not the son). If only we had started Family Bible Time sooner...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe she's going deaf!! It is not
fun living with a deaf dog unless it's during me
I know :)