Monday, October 26, 2009

What are you doing for Halloween?

We don't do it. Usually we hide in the basement, lights off out front, gate closed to the porch, eating candy and watching a clean movie! This year we had planned to host a Reformation celebration, talk about Luthers 95 thesis and eat good German food. However, my husband is working. We were invited to a bonfire out in the country where noone but God and those invited know where we are! So, we may do that or we may do the usual. Either way we have a strong conviction that light and darkness have no fellowship together. Before we had children we would pass out candy and tracks. No more. We do not even frequent the stores that are decorated. We have been known to not go into certain stores for the entire month of October. Instead I would drive a little further to pick up whatever we needed.

Our almost 5yo son has a birthday this Thursday. Last year we went shopping for fun plates for his party. Where do you think we went? Yep, to the dreaded, fully decorated, Party City! I wasn't even thinking about the fact that it too would be decorated (I had already driven 10 minutes pass the store we were boycotting due to their decorations). We took a step in the door and a human sized half zombie-half man yard ornament "spoke" to my then 3 yo son. I covered my sons face, turned around and hurried from the store. My son has talked about it for an entire year!

We need to be aware of to what we are exposing our children. For us, it is not enough to "play down" Halloween. We just have to call it what it is and do something else. I understand the shying away from the "what are you going to be" or "do you want to hear my best witch laugh?" UGH. Umm, no thank you and Jesus loves you!


The Barreness said...

So how did you deal with this the first halloween you had them? or did you?

I am a new foster parent, and am having to deal with many rough days.. I feel like this year we're compromising by handing out tracts and candy, while telling the kids we don't "celebrate it" and next year we'll stay away from it all together. But everybody and their dog asks what the kids are going to be for halloween.. and I just have to say "we don't celebrate it.. to many pagan connotations. (ie: the whole but my "new" children don't understand that yet.

Also doesn't help that they are public schooled.. (plus, while I adjust to parenting, I have no doubts in my mind I would go CRAZY homeschooling, though I hope to someday after finalization and adjustment period is over..)

Any thoughts for me?

petersonclan said...

Our first year with our older children we went to an indoor park which was totally cool and they loved. After that it just didn't seem to be a big deal. But as long as they are in public school and surrounded with children who celebrate the holiday, it will be hard not to have them want to do what the others do.

Good luck! Maybe you can find something to do that is WAY more fun than trick or treating?

Kristen said...

Hi Barreness!
I know those first days of "breaking in" the children to your beliefs and practicing them can be so hard. I would just encourage you to make that night fun for them so that they realize they are not missing out! Our children tend to dress up every day, so they are not missing that part. At the same time we have explained to them the whys of not participating in Halloween. By the way, Kmart marks their costumes down to a dollar a few days after Halloween. I always spend $20 and stock up! The kids love it. While I am writing this my 6 yo is cleaning up from breakfast while wearing a King costume. So sweet.
Stay strong in your convictions, my friend. Remember that what your kids have come from has had a huge impact on them already. Their beliefs about everything have been shaped by parents who were living for the feel-good. Dressing up and candy feel good! You are also fighting the public school system. That is a really hard one. They are being flooded with Marxist thinking and doing. Marx main point was to turn everything good upside down, ie Halloween is bad so we make it seem really good, Fathers are good, so we make them seem bad, etc. The school has them for 8 hours a day and it is hard to refute or redeem that time. The biggest change in my kids came after they were homeschooled. There was a reconciling and bonding that wasn't happening while they were in school. As you consider homeschooling, remember the first year is all about attitude! Yours and theirs! Even if you are just baking cookies together, they are learning so much: reading, directions, measurements, obedience, etc.
I know it is overwhelming. You can do it! Keep your face to the floor before your Maker and Redeemer as that is the only place to gain your strength!
Thinking of you, Kristen