Monday, December 21, 2009


The clan and the candies

I thought about titling this post Half-Baked but then realized that is some kind of reference to drugs, of which I do not take part. So, Cookies it is! I spent several hours getting gingerbread dough made and then cutting out shapes to assemble a house and train. Peter cut out the last thing---a dinosaur of course.

It's done! We have about 30 gingerbread people to go with the house, train and Behemoth.

By the way, the icing writers are fantastic. Just don't let the two year old have full liberty when using them. Somehow Isaiah got a hold of the red writer. The next thing we knew he was covered, hand were red, lips painted to perfection and just enough in and under the nose to resemble a terrific nose bleed! I didn't get a good picture of that, just the smiling, already cleaned up boy:


Shelly said...

What fun!!!!! Thirty ginger people... is this prophetic of future family members ;) :) We sent in our first dossier today and can't wait for God to fill our home with little ones! He is faithful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, c an't believe the village you put together!
I am amazed :) We never did anything like that as
I thought it exhausting after building the candy
cane house!! HA! xoxo