Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Our Merry Christmas!

This guy tried a Shocker candy.
We celebrated early because he is on call for work the next few days.
We had a sweet celebration and are all still in pjs. We are off to watch a movie and eat more candy. There are so many costumes because after Halloween I spend a whopping $20 and load up on dress up clothes for my kids. This year we decided to save it all for Christmas. The kids loved it. Daniel had been asking for a Monkey dress up costume. He loves it so much he told us he wants to take a nap in it. The boys all loved their Pendragon knight costumes and started sword fighting right away. The girls are beautiful in their white lace gloves and medieval dresses. Ashley's big gift was a tea set from Vision Forum. We are so pleased with it. She loves it as it is so delicate and has roses all over it. Abi received Heelys and is starting to get he feet under her. John's big gift was a Ripstik and he loves it. Daniel had been asking for the Vision Forum RC Amphibious car-he was so pleased! Isaiah is our big boy riding a skateboard. I am off to re-join my family.

God sent His richest blessing to you all in His Son Jesus Christ--the true reason for this holy-day season. If you do not know Him, then your Christmas is meaningless. Our prayer is that He will call you to Him, that you will love Him and live your lives for Him! If you don't know what I am talking about, grab a Bible and start reading the book of Luke.
Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

We so enjoyed all the pictures! Great Christmas
gifts too......Can't believe it's all over once again
and we are back into a New Year already....May
His presence be forever around you and His Spirit
living big within you....Much love