Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Wrestlers

My man and three little men had their first private wrestling lesson this week. It was so fun to watch them. The boys have the whole "heal toe knee" thing down. They can do it from one end of the mats to the other, each of them saying, "heal-toe-knee" as they go. What a fun time for the boys and fellowship for us all. Their fantastic coach happens to be my State Champ cousin. It pays to know people. :)


petersonclan said...

Hey Kristen... I am getting a card out this year (GASP!) and was wondering if I could have your address. E-mail it to me at petersonclan at momys dot net. Thanks!

Farming Family said...

Hello Ms. Kristen-

You're all probably in Ohio by now, so you most likely know that we won't be there... We had a couple big trips this year already, so we decided to skip this one.
May you have a blessed time and let us know how it goes.
For all the Axbergs,
P.S. The Kaiser family, who we intoduced you to at the Reform500, will be there with some families from our church, if you see them say "hi" for us!