Thursday, February 11, 2010

The snow is over.

I get a mixed feeling when the snow ends. It many ways it is great to get out of the house and back into the swing of things. However, at the same time it is so nice to watch that sweet blanket of newness fall, snuggle with my kids, read, watch a movie, eat lots of snacks and live in pjs.

Today was sunny and beautiful. Peter was on call for work but with the snow accumulation at the airport most flights were cancelled. He is back to work tomorrow.
This is how we spent today:

The kids had such fun sledding down the hill near my parents house. What precious memories they have been making this week. 2010, the year of the record snow storm!

Abi spent most of her time on the green sled. She has grown so much she looks like an adult coming down the hill. Also, no, that is my 9 year old.

It was amazing to see Daniel fly across the street. Every time he went down the hill on his red sled, he came flying, face first and taking each jump as if it were nothing!

I was hoping it would show up better, but the second mark that Peter pointed out (where Daniel said his face mark was) was actually a huge snowplow tire mark. :)

The marks that showed up after his red cheeks warmed up again.

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Anonymous said...

Oh those were great!!! He knew where his nose went!
HAHAHAHA....Loved Abi going across the street too..
Very funny and happy time :) xoxo