Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow snow snow snow snow!

The snow has stopped falling and we have record amounts on the ground. I had to shovel my way in waist deep snow to get to our heat pump to make sure it was clear of snow drifts. Peter left on a trip before the snow began to fall. He was originally schedule to come home tomorrow night but his flight has been canceled. We hope to see him on Monday before the next storm comes. There is a chance for 6-8 inches of snow on Tuesday or Wednesday. Below are some photos from last night and this morning. Since then we have about 10 more inches on the ground. I shoveled the driveway last night but this morning doesn't prove it. The snow drifts are up to my door handle on my big van. The kids and I have spent the afternoon watching The Music Man. They love it and it just happens to be one of the movies on my list for school for next week. I can check that off the list. The picture below is of the girls standing in front of the shed. They didn't shovel it out, the drift just landed that way. Isn't that cool?!
Well, we have 20 minutes left of our movie. I think I will get everyone back together to finish it. Oh, here they come anyway! They are getting restless however if I let them go outside I may lose them in a drift. Just kidding, they will be headed that way in about 30 minutes now that the snow isn't blowing at 35 mph!


Anonymous said...

It looks like Dr. Zhivago over here! The snow is in the
water too as far as the crab shack....Winter wonderland...The beach chairs are covered and the
beach table is only about 5 inches to the top!!!
Amazing :) xoxo

Shelly said...

I am so glad that you are enjoying your winter wonderland! God is pretty amazing!!! Curious, do you follow certain school programs (Music man scheduled for this week) or do you sort of create your own as you go? There are so many wonderful possibilities! Even though we have a few years before making decisions I love to gather ideas from others!