Sunday, February 7, 2010

You mean we can build snowmen taller than Daddy?!

To borrow a saying from my dear friend: I feel like a mole.
We have emerged from the house-cave into the sun and have enjoyed every moment of our day. Here are a few highlights...

Ashley, Isaiah and Abigail head out for an adventure.

We were able to walk to my parents where we visited with my Mom. She read to the boys for a while and they almost fell asleep. Please pray for her as she continues her battle with Lymes.

Dad walked us home and snow plowed our neighbors driveway. So nice.

This boy is usually moving too fast for my camera. He was doing a little dance in this shot but I caught his sweet face. He has a love-hate relationship with the snow. He looks happy enough here, but when his hands get cold he is a miserable boy. In this shot he was 10 minutes from my having to strip him out of his snow suit and wrap him in a warm blanket while I puffed hot air (no laughing here, okay?!) on his hands.

Everyone was pretty happy in this shot while they sat on their igloo. John is having a bit of trouble due to his boot coming off and his deciding it was a good idea to walk in his socks across the yard. I am giggling while I write that. By the way, Isaiah is 2 minutes from the whole blanket, hot air puffing thing in this picture.
What better thing for dinner than "Candy Bar in a Bowl?!" It's also known as oatmeal. Tonight we covered it with butter, sucanat and honey. Mmm, mmm, good.
No, they don't all use pacifiers, but they tried them out tonight. One of these is a real paci user (I am not telling which one) and the rest are test driving. This has to be one of the cutest shots of my boys. So sweet. They sat cuddled this way for Bible time this evening and then fell fast asleep after their big day.

Ashley is standing beside me as I write this. She will be twelve in two days. Where has the time gone? Am I old enough to have a pre-teen?! There is so much left to teach her... Happy almost Birthday Ashley. xo By the way, it's about time you started hearing a bit from her on this blog. That is part of my plan for the next year. Stay tuned!


petersonclan said...

Sounds like so much fun!!! I currently have 2 16 year olds, and Josiah is about to turn 13. How are we old enough for that? LOL.

Stephenie said...

Precious pictures, Kristen. Looks like you guys are making the most of enjoying the snow! I can't wait to hear from Ashley, too--great idea! And Josiah is 13 now, so I share your shock of having such an old kiddo. It's so much fun, though! The challenge is in having the preteen/teen and the toddler and switching gears back and forth to parent them both appropriately and wisely. So challenging and fun.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures!!! So funny they won't wear clothes
but rather freeze their hands off?! It was fun watching
them sled tonight!!! Happy day before your birthday
day Ashley.....Can't believe you are almost 12!!!!! Love
to all.....G and P

EstonianWife said...

You have a beautiful family! But... get your kids wearing gloves in the snow. It is so much more fun if you are not feeling the cold.