Friday, December 14, 2007

A fun day in Cali

Hello All!
We enjoyed a morning of playing in the pool. DH's Dad and Mom heated the pool up to 81. The spa was at 83 and the small difference kept us in the spa a good bit of the time. We had the kids go back to the pool every time they wanted to jump, splash, kick, etc. We enjoyed watching the golfers this morning. We were all looking at a golf ball in the middle of the fairway and awaiting the golfer to drive up to it in this picture...

We are having a relaxing time. DH and DH-Dad are out on the course this afternoon. The rest of the family is coming to visit with us tomorrow and Sunday. We will head home on Monday. We are looking forward to the fun time with the extended family on Sunday.
Sushifam: we will miss you! XO

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Steph said...

I love this picture! Wish we were there at the pool with you guys! Sorry about the very LOUD trains for the boys, but we just couldn't resist. Hehe

Love you all!