Monday, December 10, 2007

Jiffy Pop

Amongst a myriad of other things,
Jiffy Pop is a new adventure for the Precious in His Site kids!

Today has been a day of school and grocery shopping. We had to hit three stores to cover our needs today. We have so much going on. Tomorrow is a full day of school, packing for our trip to Cali and our cookie exchange umbrella meeting. Oh yea, I guess the girls and I need to make the cookies somewhere in there too! :) Wednesday we have a school party and the last day of school before we break for our three week holiday. Directly after party clean up we are out the door to catch our plane. Of course the last day of school entails a lot to turn in; projects, exams, etc. Oh, being that we are a homeschool family I guess I need to explain what I mean by "school." Our oldest daughter is in a co-op. They meet two days a week and cover her main classical subjects: Latin, Grammar, History and Science. Our breaks coincide with her schedule as well as my last minute mandated Mommy-needs-a-day decisions. Do many of you have those days?

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