Sunday, December 23, 2007

Playing catch up

Hi All!
I am still here. Everyone is taking a nap before heading to my parents for pre-Christmas Eve. Our family tradition on Christmas Eve is to open one present. That present is always new pjs' from my parents. We have to celebrate tonight as DH is on call for work for Christmas and we wanted to make sure he could be here for the celebration.

I am trying to play catch up since we returned from CA. I have not been able to get on top of everything around the house, etc. It just piles up. I am a routine girl. I like having my kids in a routine and I like my own routine. When naps are scheduled and school is scheduled then I know what to do when! I am flying by the seat of my pants this week and although it is nice to have some time off I am starting to burying myself with things to be done. I just got the girls to come downstairs to empty the dishwasher--this will help.

So, I didn't really have time to talk about much. I have to get everyone together to get out the door. My hope is that once I am on top of everything I will be back here (in the next few days) to talk about bigger topics than just our daily journal stuff!

One funny story before I go...
Last night we went to drive through the big light display with Papa and Granmommy. We had so much fun! The boys were showing off how they can sing the ABC's. They went back and forth for a bit and when it was DS2's turn (he is a new 3yo) he sang ABCD John's a little baby! Ok, not sure if he was being mean...I don't think so, but it was so funny because he admitted that was what he sang. It went so perfectly with the tune that you had to listen carefully to pick it out! GMommy and I had a good laugh about that one. John (our newly 4yo) said, "I'm not a baby, I'm a big boy!"

OK, really heading out now.

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